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Do you support languages other than English?

We're sorry but we provide support only in the English language at the moment.

Where can I view my profile and its status?

You can view your coin balance by looking at the top of the screen when you login to the game. You will be able to see your profile information including your rank and coin balance.

Ranking – How does it work?

You can see the ranking table here

Where can I find my game coins balance?

You can view your Gold balance by looking at the top of the screen when you log in to the game, where you will see your profile information. In that profile window you can see your name, rank and number of Game Credits.

How can I disable all sounds in the game?

If you wish to play quietly, all you need to do is go to the ‘Settings’ screen, press the setting icon in the lower right corner of the menu or through the game’s Settings button on the top right bar of the game screen, and choose the ’Turn Sounds On/Off’ option.

Game keeps trying to reconnect/not responding or freezing. What can I do?

Since this is an online game, an Internet connection is required. Start by checking your phone's network connection. Perhaps you have been disconnected and need to search for a new network. If you can’t connect through your phone provider's network, try searching for an available Wi-Fi connection. You may need to change your location in order to get better reception.
If none of the above works contact your service provider.

Are my details secure?

Absolutely! Dragonplay implements the most advanced technologies to keep your details safe, private and secure. We believe in everybody’s right to privacy and a spam-free mailbox. Therefore, we make sure that our data base is secure and that our players' emails are used for the sole purpose of logging in to the game and requesting support.

Is it possible to sell my game credits to other players?

Selling your game credits to other players is strictly forbidden. Players who engage in this kind of activity will be banned from the game.

Can I send gifts to my friends?

Yes, you can! Send gifts of up to 50 free coins to all your friends! Let them know you care every day!

Is your game considered gambling?

Although categorized as casino games, none of our games are considered to be gambling. All Dragonplay games are played for virtual currency and do not involve gambling for real money.

Where can I learn the basic rules of the game?

New to the game? No problem! Simply visit our How to play page, and learn everything you need to know.

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