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How to play Fast Fold Poker?

Play the world's fastest Poker – More Poker in less time!
Fast Fold Poker is a new, fast, most exiting format to play poker, same Texas Hold'em rules, much faster move!
With just a click, you can now fold and move straight into action at another table.

  • Fold anytime in the game. Simply click ‘Fast Fold’ and you’ll instantly be at another table, in a new hand
  • Move to another table instantly every time you fold your hand
  • Every time you fold and switch tables, you’ll face off against a random group of opponents
  • Use the Auto Buy-In and you won't need to top up your balance on the table in the middle of your fast game
  • You can find Fast Fold Poker tables at the main slider and under the Texas Hold'em slider


How does it work?

The Flop

Choose Fast Fold Poker, and buy into the fast tables
If you want to play extra fast, choose Auto Buy-In. The system will automatically top up your balance on the table!
Once you bought into the game, you'll be seated on a table and start playing, you can fold using the Fast Fold button at any time of the game and you'll be immediately moved to another table with new players, instead of waiting your turn.
Every time you'll fold or a game will end you'll be seated in another table and start a new game immediately, no need to wait for anyone!


How does Auto Buy-In works?

In order to speed things up, you can choose the Auto Buy-In option and you won't need to top up your balance while playing.
If you'll lose all your chips, the system will automatically Buy-In for you, the same original amount you entered the table with.

Try your luck on the tables!

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