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When you play Wild Bingo, you gain experience points for every card you purchase, every correct Daub and of course for every Bingo & new achievement.
The more experience you earn, the higher your rank will be and the higher your daily bonus will increase. In addition, new ranks will open new Bingo rooms for your to play in.

Daily Rank Bonuses

There are three types of bonuses you receive:
Daily Draw:

    Every day you visit and play Wild Bingo you will get a bonus of 50 Coins.
Friend Bonus:
    For every friend you bring to Wild Bingo, you will receive 15 Coins. * Up to 50 friends.
Rank Bonus:
    As you play more and climb the ranks, your rank bonus will increase. For example, when you rank is 5 the bonus will be 50, when you reach rank 20 it will be 75 and so on.

Rank Display

The display of the rank will change color every 5 ranks, just like the Bingo columns. Every 25 levels the shade of the colors will change.

For example:
  • Ranks 1-5 displayed as a Red star star
  • Ranks 6-10 displayed as a Blue star star
  • Ranks 11-15 displayed as a Purple star star
  • Rank 16-20 displayed as a Yellow star star
  • Rank 21-25 displayed as a Green star star

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